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Now through mid-March, select  Dreamscapes and sizes are at

Please contact me if you'd like to purchase something not listed on Etsy. 

I'll post it there for you.

Looking for the Geometree prints?

Oddly enough, they are more available than my newer work because they aren't bundled up in stock I use for traveling shows. Usually, someone

is home to ship these if I can't.  You can order my Geometrees prints at :

Above is how gallery-wrapping appears the 38X51" canvases.  It's half as deep on the approximately 24X30" canvases.  Canvases are triple-rolled with UV-protective matte acrylic, and the large ones have extra bracer bars.

Paper prints generally have the format below.  Square or 1:2 images will inset differently, but the longer side will have this margin.  The square ones are oriented vertically, not horizontally like below.    I print to textured fine art paper and provide acid-free backings. This mockup doesn't feature the signature and editioning.

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