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Riffing on Wright, acrylic paint in resin layers and more

on Baltic birch, 30X30", price tbd

     On the backside of several years of family leave, I'm in the studio consistently again.  I'm reorganizing myself with the discipline of pure, repetitious line.  And then getting all baroque bananas with that.

      While this new art may or may not appeal to my previous collectors, if you're curious like I am to see this develop, please join my art diary on Instagram @LisaLoudermilkArtDiary.   I'll post artwork real time there unlike here.  The diary component is a bit dull, but necessary to organize me.  

Rick and I both are on break from shows.  We're not sure when or where he'll show again, and if we'll show as a team or separately.  I use the techniques he developed, and started painting due to his encouragement, so I everything I do  is to his credit or fault 🙂.   - Lisa Lou

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